Helping you be a change catalyst in your organization.

Grow your agile coaching skills

Agile coaches accelerate the path of agile teams towards high performance and help create safe spaces and dialogue in organizations.

Our Agile Coaching Program is designed to help you gain all the essential skills in a live, interactive online course, where you practice with peers and learn by doing from day one.

Trying to apply yet another agile framework to bring your teams to performance and your processes to efficiency?

If you landed on this page, chances are this is not working as you expected.

And that is because the best approaches are co-created with you and your people to serve their unique needs.

You need coaching and facilitation skills.

It is that simple. And it all starts with you.

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Online Teaching
Coaching and courses
100% online

You can work with us from anywhere in the world in seamless experiences with the best tools.

Our activities are designed to offer you high levels of engagement, learning and support, pushing the limitations and leveraging the characteristics of the online space.

We enable your personal growth and your competitive advantage as an agile leader.

Do you wan to lead productive,  joyful , and agile teams?

For that, you must:

Be the change you want to see

So many people try to change others, yet the reality is that change starts with yourself. From techniques to behaviors, you go first. You lead change.

Speak in a way that people listen

Understand what others feel and how they see the world. That gives you the ability to connect with other humans and lead from a place of influence, not authority.

Think differenltly

Today's problems are so complex and change is the only constant. To be successful you need flexibility and possibility thinking to find creative solutions and engage others in collaborative experiences.

How we can help you

get professional coaching

get specialized training

Meet Petula, head coach and facilitator

Gino Cerro, Technical Lead at Touchtunes

As soon as you talk to Petula you realize her personality will be a contributing factor for your success. Her creativity, her sense of humor and her empathy make her the ideal professional coach!

Emmanuelle Couillard, Chief PO at Manulife

I recommend Petula to anyone looking to transform the way they work. She can adapt her coaching style for every member on the team so that they get the best of her knowledge and experience. Petula helped us on our transformation journey every step of the way.

Carol Ouellet, Solutions Architect at IBM

Petula has great Agile knowledge but her contribution goes beyond that. She understands when to coach and when to teach and she does not need to be an expert in the technology in use to help people find their ways and solutions.

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