Meet Petula

What I am about

With over 2 decades of experience in the technology industry and a passion for people and problem-solving, I am no-nonsense Agilist.


I truly believe in the power of collaboration and creativity to propel organizations to their next level in growth and performance. That is why I am in the business of helping people to design meaningful interactions between individuals, teams, departments.

What I do and how I got here

My expertise is Lean-Agile, so you probably heard about Scrum, SAFe, Kanban. I also borrow from a host of open source and proprietary frameworks and approaches, such as Solution Focus coaching, Management 3.0, Systems Thinking, STATIK, Agenda Shift, Design Thinking, etc.

I have both experience and industry certifications. I was once Scrum Master, a role that I credit for my growing immensely as a person. Since then I have shifted to coaching, broaden my skills beyond Scrum, Kanban and SAFe and started helping teams and individuals to discover and achieve their own goals beyond labels.

I am active in the Agile Community in Ontario / Quebec circuit and I have been speaker in the Spark the Change and Agile Tour Montreal a few times and I organized gatherings such as Agile Coach Camp Canada. Currently I am dedicating a lot of my time experimenting with The LAB of all things agile.


I teach, mentor and consult remotely anywhere in the world and in person in the Montreal - QC area.


Who and how I can help

Now what?

You now know a little bit a about me and how we can collaborate. Now I am curious to know what we can create together.


Looking for learning and growth? I offer customized services for individuals, no matter your level of comfort with Agility.

your team

Starting a team? Growing a team? Reaching for performance and focus? I can help with that!

your company

From assessments to transformation I can help you navigate or introduce change at larger scale.