Meet Petula

With over 2 decades of experience in the technology industry and a passion for people and problem-solving, I am no-nonsense Agilist.

My expertise is Lean-Agile. I borrow from a host of open source and proprietary frameworks and approaches, such as Management 3.0, Systems Thinking, Agenda Shift, Design Thinking, etc.

I have both experience and industry certifications. I was once Scrum Master, a role that I credit for my growing immensely as a person. Since then I have shifted to coaching, broaden my skills beyond Scrum, Nexus and SAFe and started helping teams and individuals to discover and achieve their own goals.

I am active in the Agile Community in Ontario / Quebec circuit and I have been speaker in the Agile Tour Montreal and organized gatherings such as Agile Coach Camp Canada.


I consult remotely anywhere in the word and in person in the Montreal - QC area.

Do you want to see what I have done in resumee style? 



How we collaborate



We connect to understand the opportunities for collaboration and establish a vision: what does success looks like to you? That is your vision.

This can take 1 or 2 hours. You are not committing to anything, just exploring possibilities.



With the vision established, it is time to structure our collaboration, set the objectives and explore possible outcomes. This will  be key for objectivity and accountability.

This can take 1 or 2 days. We agree on a cadence for regular review.



We embark on the experiment! We co-create the journey, measure success and adapt along the way.

This can take days, weeks or months, but we follow a cadence of review to not loose track.



It is time for us to assess the full extent of our working together and acknowledge learning and results. Both sides come out transformed.

Ate the end of every cadence or after an agreed period of time, we close the experiment.

Now what?

You now know a little bit a about me and how we can collaborate. Now I am curious to know what we can create together.