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Helping individuals and teams to unleash their Agility

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I can help you and your teams to work in Lean-Agile. If you are looking for a pragmatic approach from someone with expertise from the trenches, you are in the right place.


Together we identify opportunities for improvement, we model new ways of working, we transform.

​At the heart of Agile individuals and interactions are what really matters.

How I can enable Agility


Learning is at the heart of Agile.


When you hire me for Learning you can opt for customized or ready-to-deploy experiences, as well as online and in-person approaches.


Coaching is a powerful tool.

Effective for both individuals and teams, coaching is a highly rewarding, very personalized approach to adopting a Lean-Agile mindset.


Expertise when you need it.


Facilitation, assessments, organization transformation. Need  Lean-Agile expertise? I have plenty to bring!

Gino Cerro, Technical Lead at Touchtunes

As soon as you talk to Petula you realize her personality will be a contributing factor for your success. Her creativity, her sense of humor and her empathy make her the ideal professional coach!

What clients say about me

Emmanuelle Couillard, Chief PO at Manulife

I recommend Petula to anyone looking to transform the way they work. She can adapt her coaching style for every member on the team so that they get the best of her knowledge and experience. Petula helped us on our transformation journey every step of the way.

Carol Ouellet, Solutions Architect at IBM

Petula has great Agile knowledge but her contribution goes beyond that. She understands when to coach and when to teach and she does not need to be an expert in the technology in use to help people find their ways and solutions.

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