Agile Coaching Program

This is a program for those who have a desire to apply their servant leadership and Agile knowledge in service of individuals and teams. You will learn how to differentiate and practice the stances of facilitator, coach, mentor, and teacher.

This course is accredited with ICAgile.

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August 2022 - Americas  afternoon/evening - English

August 2022 - Americas  morning/ India evening - English

September 2022 - Americas  afternoon/evening - English

July 2022 - Americas  afternoon/evening - English

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The program in a nutshell

The Agile Coaching Certification is a program for those looking to move beyond single team facilitation, to coach across all levels of an organization, including management layers. It is suited to people looking to facilitate Agile change, guide aspiring Scrum Masters and other Agile Team Facilitators, and those looking to help their organizations truly embrace Agile.

This is a deeply immersive experience with simulations, interactive exercises, hands-on practical activities, including peer accountability and off-class activities. It is an example that powerful learning can be fun, interactive and fulfilling!

You will learn how to create a safe environment that brings out the best in both individuals and teams, how to foster meaningful collaboration, and how successfully navigate conflict.


Small groups,
big conversations

We use the best tools to make this an easy and engaging experience for you!

We are specialized in adult learning and all sessions and materials are designed in a Trainer from the Back of the Room fashion.


That means you learn by doing, no boring slides and lots of collaborative interactions in a safe-to-learn space.

Learn with a passionate and experienced Agile and Professional Coach

"Petula was one of the best facilitators I have ever had the opportunity to experience! Her energy and overall approach to the session enabled the entire team to remain very engaged throughout the session, and everyone had such positive things to say about their experience."

Monika Evans - Project Manager

"Petula has an uncanny ability to assess a situation and a person's skill set, and quickly identify which approach should be taken: Teacher, Coach, or Mentor. Petula's techniques made me feel like I was capable of conquering any task."

Christie Mashinter - Scrum Master

Program outline

Program structure and tools

  • The Agile Coaching Mindset and Framework

  • Key Teaching Skills

  • Key Mentoring Skills

  • Mentoring in Agile Transitions

  • Facilitating Team Development,Conflict and Dysfunction

  • Foundational Coaching Skills

  • Coaching towards High Performance

  • Dealing with Organizational Impediments

  • Fundamentals of Coaching Alliances and Contracts

21 hours of interactive, online sessions.


2 hours dedicated to peer coaching practice.

Extra activities to take it further in all modules.

Live sessions via Zoom with Miro boards.

Online community for questions and peer accountability.

Who is this program for?

This course is aimed at non-beginner Agile practitioners: someone working with agile teams or in some sort of coaching capacity. The typical profile is Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, Practice Leads. But ultimately to anyone looking to apply a coaching approach to high performance in teams, including Project and People Managers.

This is an advanced course that covers a mile of content at an inch depth. You will be asked to showcase your knowledge of Agile throughout the activities. We strongly recommend you have at least 2 years of experience working in an Agile environment. Now, Agile experience can come from many places, not just corporate world!


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