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For individuals

We enable your personal growth and your competitive advantage as an Agile Leader.



1:1 Coaching

Individual coaching or mentoring, you pick the approach you like best.

You are on the driver's seat.


By the hour

Your coaching express journey

Coaching is very powerful in just one hour session! Having coaching or even mentoring by the hour allows you to work on whichever topic whenever you feel you need.

If it is your very first time with us, a chemistry session on 30 minutes will be scheduled beforehand.

10 Hours

A package that can work as an individualized program

You have a choice to use those 10 hours how you'd like: 10 sessions  of 1 hour, 5 sessions of 2 hours. Do it weekly, daily. You decide how to use them. You can really get a lot of mileage with this package!

You have 6 months to use all the hours of the package.


Highly engaging learning experiences.

Online, interactive. They are all designed so that you get from them as much as you put in.


The 5 Levers of Agile Leadership

The program that will accelerate your Agile Leadership like no other

How can Agile Leadership be simple, powerful and away from recipes, no matter where your role today?

- 12 weeks cohort.

- Peer accountability.

- Unleashing your leadership from within and away from specific Agile frameworks.

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Agile Coaching


Adopt a Coaching stance and learn in an interactive community

Agile Coaches are in service of individuals and teams in search for adaptability, collaboration and performance.


Teaching, coaching, facilitating are but a few things an Agile Coach does to succeed in this endeavor.

8 highly interactive live classes in the span of a month.

The LAB of all things agile

Free online community!

Learning by doing in a generous exchange with others: knowledge, experience and do some networking.

No less than 4 free events a year.

Free materials, live events and more.

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