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Get the team rolling

This service is designed to help teams operating on Scrum or Scrum hybrids.

I will work with the team, ideally collocated, helping them to gain mastery of Agile practices, while acting as their Scrum Master. There are several reasons to do so. Suppose your team:

  • Needs to focus on delivery and you need an experienced Scrum Master to run things;

  • Is either a new team or a team that never worked with Agile and you would like to have them get used to operating under Agile or Lean frameworks.

  • Is electing one member to became the permanent Scrum Master and you want to offer him/her a comprehensive shadowing training.

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Startup Development Team
Going Over Data


Planning change

Do you have the feeling your team or you company is not Agile enough? Maybe you want to adopt a different flavor of agility or change tools? Maybe you want to design a new process? Do you want to evaluate your company's culture? Need to consider several vendors but you want to make sure to stay true to simplicity and budget? Maybe you need a plan or someone to execute an existing plan? What would happen to the current team(s) if you were to put certain changes in practice?

Possibilities are endless and I can help you with a clear and impartial view on Lean and Agile.


A comprehensive approach to agility

This specific service is designed to analyze, confront, and solve your Agile needs, be them individual or organizational. I provide customized solutions to all of my clients, and I am positively results-oriented. I can help answer questions, help to transform culture, coach and mentor teams and much more.

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Expert guidance

Do you want to stay on top of Agile learning concepts and practices bit by bit? Do you want to offer lunch time training to your team? Do you want to train a whole team in engineering practices? Do you look for a certification but would rather have a customized preparation?

I am ready to tackle any agility topics, methods and tools, no matter how unorthodox. Training can follow a formal or informal schedule and can be performed on site or off-site.