How we can work together

I have three lines of services that can be highly customized to your needs.

We can work together remotely online or in person. In either option I can guarantee the most adequate use of tools and practices to get the best results!

Learning experiences - fun and effective

I am 100% devoted to the "from the back of the room" school of trainers. That means any learning experience I design is geared towards maximum engagement, self-discovery and collaboration.

I offer the following ready-to-deploy experiences:

  • Scrum 101

  • Kanban 101

  • Agile @ scale 101

  • Liberating Structures 101

  • Design Thinking

I can also design a number of customized learning experiences based on your specific needs. Maybe you want to sharpen those facilitation skills as a Scrum Master. Maybe your product people need a crash-course in backlogs prioritization by value. Maybe you want design the most fun, yet revealing team offsite.

All these experiences can be tailored for individuals for teams and for big organization classes. Curious?



And soon I will be offering specialized e-courses as well. Stay tuned and click here if you wan to be informed when they are available.

Coaching - you are on the driver seat

Agile is about people's interactions, customer-centricity, quality before quantity and constantly embracing change.

Maybe your team just started working with Agile. Maybe you want to up your game or just entered a leadership position?

In coaching it is all about the journey: where are you now and where do you want to be? I help you or your team or teams:

  • understand the gap between current versus desired state;

  • understand and get comfortable with the tools you can use to promote personal growth;

  • achieve the mindset that will ultimate guide your behaviors and practices;

  • learn how to build focus and how to truly collaborate;

  • build practices to be comfortable and even thrive in change;

  • build trust and transparency for effective collaboration;

  • redesign your Agile growth, either for process improvement or personal goals, such as certifications.

Together we will borrow from a number of frameworks to design a very specific path for coaching, personalized for you individually, or for your teams and even your team of teams.

Let me know what you have in mind!

Consulting - I bring in the expertise

I have a ton of experience in Agile from the trenches. In this mode you are hiring me to bring all I know and help you implement the changes you are prepared to make: from your own personal stance to your teams within your organization.


Some of the services I offer:

  • Teams startup or tuneup with Scrum, XP or Kanban;

  • Agile @ Scale with Nexus or SAFe;

  • Agile facilitation;

  • Agile Maturity assessments;

  • Designing your Kanban with STATIK;

  • Product backlog discovery;

  • Agile leadership toolkit.

Since every person, team and company transformation are unique,  a lot of the consulting work is non-descript and requires some investigation so that we can fine-tune to your needs. We can achieve together more than I can list here.

Have something in mind? Let me know!



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