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From average Scrum Master to effective Agile Leader

Come discover what makes an effective Agile Leader and what is the anatomy of meaningful interactions.

"Scrum Masters are true leaders who serve the Scrum Team and the larger organization."  --- The Scrum Guide

While the Scrum guide itself says that, many Scrum Masters still operate in a mindset where Scrum is reign, yet leadership is secondary.

➡️ Lack of participation and engagement in your meetings. And you tapped out of the internet for the next best template for your meetings.

➡️ Planning sessions have no clear commitment. The team seems always behind on results.

➡️ Other people tell your team what to do.

➡️ You believe in the power of retrospectives, maybe you spend a lot of time preparing them, but they don't seem to be yielding that much learning for your team.

➡️ You lack arguments to defeat resistance and pushback from your colleagues and stakeholders. All there is, is pressure to deliver.

That and other frustrations are SYMPTOMS of your Agile leadership not coming through. The CAUSE is you not embracing the mindset of an Agile Leader. Yes, in capital letters.

With every company doing Agile Transformations these days, maybe this is part of your reality:

Most likely the templates you found on the web and frameworks were fine for your beginnings.
Maybe now you are feeling like they are not enough.

Luckily, your leadership has enough power to propel things forward regardless of the framework your company uses and regardless the title of your role.

Agile Leadership is a mindset

And as such it is accessible to anyone, especially in a distributed, decentralized world. In fact, it is a way of thinking and a set of skills. And any skill can be learned to mastery.


In this webinar we will cover:

☑️ What are the 5 ingredients that make effective Agile Leadership possible.

☑️ What makes meaningful interactions and what do they look like.

☑️ An invitation to the Beta program we are launching in October.

Ready to discover a new way of working?


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