Get inspired!

Yep. Sometimes all people need is just to hear from others something that keeps them going, that motivates them, or learn something new or access a different perspective. It helps if this peer knows a thing or two about what they are talking about!

When and why would you have me give a talk? I can think of a few examples:

  • You are gathering your team to start a new project or to report on quarterly progress.

  • You are about to start adopting Lean-Agile principles, to implement Management 3.0 practices and what to get people at the same page. With a fun kick in it!

  • You are hosting a meetup.

  • You are having a party to celebrate a new period with your new co-op students.


We can discuss the theme and occasion and figure out what can be brought to the audience. I also guarantee we can get pretty crafty with the media for the delivery.


Contact me to find out more!